Registration of Punjab Revenue Authority

//Registration of Punjab Revenue Authority

For Manual Registration:

Particulars required for the registration:

  1. NTN No.
  2. Date of birth or registration No.
  3. Address as per ID card.
  4. Representative CNIC/NTN, name and address.
  5. Contact No. (PTCL and Mobile).
  6. Principal activity.
  7. Electricity reference No.
  8. Sui Gas reference No.
  9. Business started date.
  10. Nature of the business premises (rented, owned or other)-Name and ID card No./NTN of the building owner(in case of rented).
  11. Bank account No.
  12. Bank account title(current account or PLS)
  13. Bank name and branch name.
  14. Account start date.

NOTE: The above mentioned contents are required for all the individuals, AOPs and companies.

In case of AOP or company:

  1. NTN No. of the partners.
  2. Percentage of sharing.
  3. Capital value of investment.

NOTE: in case of representative the authority latter on the business letter head pad from the owner in favor of the representative.

For Online Registration:

Registration of Taxpayer’s having NTN:

  • Visit PRA Portal to register yourself at PRA Portal, please click on the following link when having NTN.

  • Enter Your NTN If You Already Have NTN, The system will automatically show your registration particulars as in FBR. Enter image character and press OK.
  • A registration Form will appear (Taxpayer Registration Form), Form will show pre-filled your particulars as recorded in FBR.
  1. First Section of form is “Registry” Please enter your registration particulars in this section.
  2. Agent Particulars (Enter particulars of your representation).

Save your particulars and move to other sections to complete form. 

In Case of Firm, AOP or Company:

  • Please provide Directors/ Partners particulars.
  • Add Other Activities (If you have any other activity/activities other than principal business please give details).
  • If you are operating from more than one location through Businesses/Branches or outlets, please give details of all.
    1. Add your bank account.

Formally declare that information given is correct and complete. 

  • Official Area=> This is official section and shows USER ID allotted to you and Tax Office.
  • Save your form.

Note: You can make changes if necessary, save it again after making changes. 

  • After completing your form click on “Verify Application”. A pop up window will ask for verification.
  • Enter required information (CNIC/NTN/PP) to verify your application.
  • After verification click on “Submit Application”.
  • After successful submission you will be allotted USER ID and PASSWORD through Email/SMS.

Please e-enroll to activate your account and avail all facilities provided by PRA.


If you have NTN but No Record Found:

  • If you have NTN but when you enter your NTN the error reports as “No Taxpayer Found”, Please make sure that you have entered the correct NTN and Check digit.
  • If NTN and its check digit is correct and still message appears “No Taxpayer Found for This NTN”, please email your particulars to as follow:
  • Subject of email: Add NTN in databaseü NTNü Business Nameü  Service Categoryü    The support officer will forward your application and will reply you through email when done.
  • If You Does Not Have NTN, PRA will allot you a Provisional Registration Certificate which will be valid for thirty days or until NTN is issued to you by FBR.
  • You will enjoy all facilities as provided to other taxpayers who have NTN during your provisional registration.
  • In case the NTN could not be issued to you within thirty days, your registration at PRA will be cancelled and informed to you through e-mail.
  • After Application is approved by CRO.
  • PRA will allot PNTN Step.
  • Activation and Pass code will be sent through SMS and Email respectively.
  • Click on ‘e-Enrollment’ and select ‘Enrollment Activation’.
  • Enter PNTN, Activation & Pass Codes, and Image.
  • Enter New Password and New PIN Code

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