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NTN(National Tax Number) Registration

//NTN(National Tax Number) Registration

NTN Registration:

NTN (National Tax Number) is a number which assign the person by the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) which shows the registration status of the person, whereas, getting NTN does not show or update the “filer” status of the person, it will describe later in another article.

In this article we will learn about how to register the NTN? What is its procedure? And what documents are required?

Documents required for the registration of NTN. (Business Individual)


  1. NTN form (TRF-01) complete filled.
  2. Business letter head pad (having same name and spelling of the business name).
  3. One of the previous three months electricity bills of the business place.
  4. The address of the business place and the address on the electricity bill must be the same, if these addresses are contrary then affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.50 is required from the name of owner of the electricity meter which having signature, thumb expression and copy of the CNIC with it.
  5. In case of real owner original registry or transfer letter or fard malkiat .
  6. In case of bank plane property letter from the bank is necessary.
  • In case of deceased owner court order is necessary.
  1. Name on the property documents and on CNIC must be same.
  2. In case of property is in the name of any relative then NOC is necessary.
  3. If the ownership is in the name of more than one person NOC from the other partners required.
  • In case of rented property registered rent deed on Rs. 1200 stamp paper is required.
  • In case of unregistered rent deed that must be own Rs.200 stamp paper is required.

Note: NTN form (TRF-01) not required in online process;


Documents required for the Salaried Individual:

  1. CNIC
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email I’d.
  4. Salary Slip/name, address of the company/institution in which he is doing job.
  5. One of the previous three months electricity bills of the business place.
  6. Property ownership proof/rent agreement.

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