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NTN(National Tax Number) Registration Company/Firm/AOP

//NTN(National Tax Number) Registration Company/Firm/AOP

NTN Registration Company/Firm/AOP:

The process of Company/Firm/AOP NTN registration is bit different from the individual as in the individual’s NTN registration process may be done online from anyone and everywhere but the Company/Firm/AOP’s NTN must be processed by the FBR on their nominated desk. For the file preparation the following documents are necessary to manage.

Documents are required for the registration of NTN (Company/Firm/AOP).

  1. NTN form (TRF-01)
  2. NTN of the partners (Individually).
  3. Partnership deed on Rs. 1000 stamp paper and verified from the notary public.
  4. Partnership deed must have address, parentage, nature of the work and signature and thumb impression of all the partners.

*In case of registered firm:

  1. Form C from the district registration registrar.
  2. Form D in case of any changes in the code of partnership deed.

*In case of Private Limited Company:

  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Article of Association


  1. All the partners can make a principle officer on the firms letter head pad for getting the NTN.
  2. Application for seeking the permission to get NTN.
  3. Non availability of letter head pad the firm’s stamp will place on the authority letter.
  4. Electricity bill one of the previous three months having the same address of the business, in case of sub-meter receipt from the issue by the concerned plaza along with the affidavit.
  5. Address of on the form C and the electricity bill must be same otherwise affidavit of Rs.50 stamp paper from the owner


  1. In case of real owner original registry or transfer letter or fard malkiat .
  2. In case of bank plane property letter from the bank is necessary.
  • In case of deceased owner court order is necessary.
  1. Name on the property documents and on CNIC must be same.
  2. In case of property is in the name of any relative then NOC is necessary.
  3. If the ownership is in the name of more them one person NOC from the other partners required.
  • In case of rented property registered rent deed on Rs. 1200 stamp paper is required.
  • In case of unregistered rent deed that must be own Rs.200 stamp paper is required.

All the documents are required originally for scanning by the authority.

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