NGO/Societies Registration:

//NGO/Societies Registration:

Formation of Societies Under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Societies Formed by Memorandum of Association and Registration: (Section 1)

“Any seven or more persons associated for any literary, scientific or charitable purpose, or for any such purpose as is described in Section 20 of this Act, may by subscribing their names to a memorandum of association and filing the same with the Registrar of Joint-Stock Companies form themselves into a society under this Act.”

Procedure for registration of Societies/ NGOs/ Mosques/Madaris/ Trust/ Foundation under Societies Registration Act, 1860 Societies having following objectives are registerable:

Requirements for Registration:

  • Application for registration. (to Registrar of Joint Stock Companies)
  • Minutes of 1st meeting, in which the registration resolution passed. (signed by all members)
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 520/- deposited in any branch of National Bank of Pakistan under the Head of Account No.CO3818 through Challan 32-A.
  • At least 7 members are required to establish Governing Body of a Society.
  • Attested copies of CNICs of all members/office bearers are required.
  • Memorandum and Article of Association. (see in the specimen)
  • Proof of the office of Society (Rent Deed attested by concerned Police Station, or registry/transfer letter)
  • An affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 20/- is required on which
  • Confirming authenticity of documents filed by society.
  • Stating that there is neither any dispute nor litigation is pending before any forum against proposed society or the members.
  • Society is not previously registered nor working.

In Case of Mosque Registration:

  • Waqaf deed is mandatory.
  • NOC from District Masjid Committee.

In Case of Trust:

  • Registered trust deed is mandatory.

Necessary Instructions:

  • Must be submitted one extra copy of Memorandum and Article of Association in separate binding.
  • When the complete registration application will receive then the department will inform regarding any objection on 4th
  • When all the objections removed then three members including president of the society must be approached on one window with original CNICs for signature. (within 3 days)
  • Which cases sent to the Police, the certificate will be issued in 7 days when the positive report will be furnished by the concerning police department.


 Registration of Deeni Madaris Under Section 21:

(1) All Deeni Madaris, by whatsoever name called, shall not operate without getting themselves registered:

Provided that the Deeni Madaris, which are established after the commencement of this Act, shall get themselves registered within one year of their establishment.

      Explanation: One Deeni Madrassah, having more than one campus, shall need only one registration.

(2)  Every Deeni Madrassah shall submit annual report of its educational activities to the Registrar.

(3)  Every Deeni Madrassah shall cause to be carried out audit of its accounts by an auditor and submit a         copy of its audit report to the Registrar.

(4)  No Deeni Madrassah shall teach or publish any literature which promotes militancy or spreads sectarianism or religious hatred:

Provided that nothing contained herein shall bar the comparative study of various religions or schools of thought or the study of any other subject covered by the Holy Quran, Sunnah or the Islamic jurisprudence.

Explanation. In this section “Deeni Madrassah” means a religious institution and includes a Jamia, Dar-ul-Uloom, School, College, University or called by any other name, established or operated primarily for the purposes of imparting religious education, which provides boarding and lodging facilities.


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