NTN(National Tax Number) Registration Company/Firm/AOP

NTN Registration Company/Firm/AOP: The process of Company/Firm/AOP NTN registration is bit different from the individual as in the individual’s NTN registration process may be done online from anyone and everywhere but the Company/Firm/AOP’s NTN must be processed by the FBR on their nominated desk. For the file preparation the following documents are necessary to manage. Documents are required for the registration of NTN (Company/Firm/AOP). NTN form (TRF-01) NTN of the partners (Individually). Partnership deed on Rs. 1000 stamp paper and verified from the notary public. Partnership

NTN(National Tax Number) Registration

NTN Registration: NTN (National Tax Number) is a number which assign the person by the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) which shows the registration status of the person, whereas, getting NTN does not show or update the “filer” status of the person, it will describe later in another article. In this article we will learn about how to register the NTN? What is its procedure? And what documents are required? Documents required for the registration of NTN. (Business Individual)   NTN form (TRF-01) complete filled. Business