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IPO- Intellectual Property Organization provide the proper mechanism to protect the rights regarding the Intellectual Property, here we will provide the complete the guideline about registration and its different modes; TRADE MARK REGISTRATION: Introduction of Trademark: Trademark, that can be a word, phrase, symbol and/or design that identify and distinguish the source of goods of one party from the others. Service mark, that can be a word, phrase, symbol and/ or design that identify and distinguish the source of


Company is a artificial person, and registered under companies act, 2017,If you want to register your own company you must be follow the following process; Registration of Private Limited Company/ Single Member Company: Online Registration: Note: The Security and Exchange Commission (SECP) of Pakistan’s official website is compatible only with window’s internet explorer (not with any other web browser). Note: The user should check the compatibility of the SECP’s web site in the internet explorer’s setting. E-Services Tab: When the user opens SECP website, following


Registration is a process to record the information in the public books or record for the official use/ official assistance to overcome the fraud, cheating, theft and misrepresentations.


Taxation is a system of the collection of charge on money, which is imposed by the Government. There are commonly used two types of the this system. i. Income Tax: Documents are required for the registration of NTN .(individual) NTN form (TRF-01) complete filled. Business letter head pad (having same name and spelling of the business name). One of the previous three months electricity bills of the business place. The address of the business place and the address on the electricity bill